04 August 2011

How Nigerians in Diaspora Can Contribute To Nigerians At Home

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Nigeria news is embedded with articles concerning Nigeria's stance on politics, business and the plight of the Nigerian people. In order for Nigeria to expand and co-exist with other countries around the world, many Nigerians grow roots in other nations. This is good in one respect.

Nigerians that have left their home countries can learn the best attributes of their host countries and in turn pass those positive attributes to their home countries. Inevitably this Diaspora of a common people can and should benefit our home countries.

One way the Nigerian Diaspora can help in building the Nigerian economy is through Nigeria businesses. Nigeria business can utilize the knowledge of Nigerians in Diaspora who have become skilled in their profession. Nigeria companies can also increase their base by launching new companies abroad through their native Nigerians.

The ongoing fight to turn Nigeria into an Islamist state, especially in cities like Maiduguri, gives rise to the question of the will of the people. How can Nigerians abroad effect change in their country? In their cities? Indiscriminately many are hurt for the desires of a few.

Nigerians abroad contributing to Nigeria online news can assist in bringing these kinds of situations to the fore and hopefully resolve such perplexing concerns through their new found knowledge, observing the examples of sovereign democracies and coming up with ways these new found knowledge can be implemented in Nigeria taking the cultural differences into account.

One good example perhaps is through the Nigeria movies industry. This is a great avenue that Resident and Non-resident Nigerians can show the world the advantages of Nigeria, its talent and unique diversity.

Nollywood, the world's second largest film producer after India's Bollywood, has increased it's presence by incorporating Nollywood Love, a YouTube station that has garnered over 1.2 million visitors from 131 countries. This in itself gives insight to the lighter side of the Nigerian people's lives. If we, Nigerians living abroad consider the positive impact this can have on Nigeria's stance in the developed world, it may help us exercise our positive experiences living abroad and take it to our fellowmen back home.

If Nigerians in Diaspora are keen to contribute to the development of our country, the government should encouraged and create an avenue to ensure these positive contributions are implemented. This can of course bring new fortunes to the Nigerian people as a result.

As Nigeria develops better ways of communicating and building the country's infrastructure many of Nigerians in Diaspora may feel a need to touch ground at home and participate in our country's relentless search for better living to the people of Nigeria as a whole.

Living in other parts of the world always entails an enhanced point of view from those experiencing it. Any knowledge that a Nigerian citizen can take home to our country to teach and share can only help future Nigerian generations.

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